Did you know you can make money online by joining the BOOTY MINT Partner Program to make extra money easily?

BOOTY MINT Partners is a rewards program designed to help you and your friends save money on the products you love while getting paid cash for spreading the word.

How it works:


Perk 1: 20% Cash Payment On Net Sales

You will be compensated 20% of the discounted purchase price from each sale attributed to your Partner Link. 

Perk 2: 10% Coupon Code For You and Friends

By just telling your friends and contacts about BOOTY MINT, you get a 10% discount code for personal use and to share with friends.

Perk 3: 5% Partner Charity Match

For every purchase attributed to your partner link, we will donate 5% of the discounted purchase price to help deworm children and provide clean water in developing countries. 

Here is an example of what a partner link sale looks like:

Purchase Price: $19.99

Discount: 10%

 Discounted Price: $18.00

 Your Payment: $3.60

 We donate: $.90

How To Get Paid:

BOOTY MINT will issue your commission (20% of the discounted purchase price) directly to your PayPal account on a bi-weekly basis. 

How Do I Become A BOOTY MINT Partner: 

  1. Order a free sample here, once you order a free sample you will receive an invitation to join our program.
  2. Sign up for our program only using your name and email in our partner portal. 
  3. We send you a customized coupon code for you to give to your friends and network
  4. Make sure your referrals to BOOTY MINT use your link and partner code when they check out at BOOTYMINT.COM so they get the 10% discount code. 
  5. BOOTYMINT will issue your commission (20% of the discounted purchase price) directly to your PayPal account on a bi-weekly basis. 


Tips To Earn Some Cash:  

  1. Try our product - The best way to spread the word about BOOTY MINT is to use our products. That’s why we require at least 1 purchase before sending an invitation to join our partner program. 
  2. Write a review/make a video - Are you a YouTuber or Instagram influencer? A super-easy way to start earning is to make a quick video review and share it with your audience.
  3. Share via email/text - Share your experience using BOOTY MINT in a quick email or text with your email your coupon code. 
  4. Put some BOOTY MINT in your guest bathroom - Treat your guest like royalty when they visit the guest’s throne by keeping a 4 oz bottle of BOOTY MINT in close reach. 

Key Talking Points: 


  1. BOOTY MINT creates fun, eco-friendly, and innovative hygiene products. 
  2. BOOTY MINT Toilet Paper Spray is an eco-friendly alternative to flushable wipes. Flushable wipes are a leading cause of household plumbing blockages and municipal sewage damage. Using flushable wipes can result in thousands of dollars in personal plumbing bills and 100’s of thousands to millions for your local municipality.
  3. BOOTY MIST is a bidet attachment designed to minimize your ecological footprint by reducing the use of toilet paper.
  4. Every purchase made using your affiliate link helps deworm children and provide clean water in a developing country.


Get Started: Get a free sample for an invite! 

Contact us at HELLO@BOOTYMINT.COM for more information about our partnership program.