I created Booty Mint and Jock Mint to help revolutionize the world of hygiene through innovative natural products and philanthropy.


Greg Foreman

Founder of Osprayhygiene LLC & Creator of Booty Mint


During my junior year in college, I was one of 45 million people in the United States suffering from IBS. My experience with IBS included upset stomach as I was forced to miss class, stuck on the toilet seat of a public restroom. An embarrassing but real experience for many of us. As an on-the-go college student, this was not only inconvenient, it was down right uncomfortable. I did not feel clean let alone ready for class. I needed find a convenient solution to help me feel clean and comfortable throughout my day.

While trying to find a solution to my own personal problem, I stubbled across a greater problem. I experimented with so called "flushable" wipes, just to find out they weren't flushable at all. This frustrated me because all these brands were advertising their products under false claims. These false claims lead to millions of dollars of tax payer money being spent cleaning out sewage systems around the globe.  I had to create a better solution alternative solution. This is how I came up with Booty Mint.


Booty Mint is a natural biodegradable hygiene spray designed to turn any toilet paper into a truly flushable wipe. 


While creating/researching my first product, realized that I had a very American problem. Typically American's don't use water while wiping as we have ready access to showers. However, a large portion of the world lacks water which is a basic hygiene essential. I decided to use the power of business to build a brand that would create broader impact by helping provide basic resources like water.

That's why with every purchase of my products, we will help deworm children and provide safe water for community members in underprivileged developing countries.