Over 1 million children are at risk of being infected with parasitic worms. And every year, over 2 million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes; childhood diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation kills more than 315,000 children each year.

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Our mission at Osprayhygiene (creator of Booty Mint) is to change the way the world thinks about personal hygiene. This mission naturally makes us a charitable organization. It's in our DNA. During the early planning stages, we made sure to incorporate impact into our bottom line. We researched and vetted dozens of the top evidence based charitable organizations to find the right broader cause to support. 


We Are Excited To Support:

Deworm The World Initiative Evidence Action

Through our support of Evidence Action we can promise: 

For every website purchase, you will deworm at least 1 child or provide safe water to one community member per year. 


We can achieve this through the Deworm the World project. This initiative led by Evidence Actions helps deworm children, provide safe water,  and scale highly effective property interventions across the world. 

We feel that this causes aligns perfectly with our products and core values as it is a hygiene based initiative. 

 Deworm the World has seen significant declines in worm prevalence (the percentage of children infected with worms) in Kenya, to the point where transmission breakpoints are possible. A randomized deworming trial in Kenya found school-based deworming reduced school absenteeism by 25 percent, increased hours worked as adults by 12 percent, and increased future wage earnings by 23 percent. 

Chlorine Water Dispenser


Dispensers for Safe Water shows extremely high adoption rates of water chlorination that persist over time--much higher than for other water purification systems. In areas where Dispensers for Safe Water works, use rates for chlorine have been extremely robust--ranging from over 50 percent to an astounding 100 percent in areas in Malawi. This is unheard of in the world of water and sanitation for point-of-collection products, and is a testament to the great work of the Dispensers teams.
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My friends, this right here is what is known as a "fatberg". A fatberg is a "congealed lump of fatsanitary napkinswet wipescondomsdiapers and similar items found in sewer systems which do not break down like toilet paper." This definition is straight from Wikipedia. Yes, it even has its own Wikipedia page. Ever since they have been in existence wet wipes have plagued sewage systems and municipalities all over the world. Obviously, this has a giant impact on the ecosystem and perpetuates pollution. Even so-called "flushable", "biodegradable", and "disposable" wipes are not safe to flush. 


According to an article by TheAtlantic, British environmental groups and waste companies publicly condemned wet wipes. One sewage company, Wessex Water, reported that of the 13,000 blockages they unclog every year, two-thirds are caused by wet wipes. They were also the first to publish a newly agreed-upon International Wastewater Position Statement, which calls for a ban on commercial use of the word “flushable.”
In fact, as of 2018, the BBC reported that no flushable wet wipe tests have passed water industry test in the UK. This means that there is currently no wet wipe brands being sold in the UK that are truly flushable. The UK newspaper, The Guardian, reported that a study from Water UK, the trade body representing all of the main water and sewage companies in the country, found that wipes made up about 93% of the material causing sewer blockages. Water UK’s director of corporate affairs, Rae Stewart, said the findings proved that sewer blockages cost more than £100m (over $139m) a year. That's right. Over a £100m a year of taxpayer money. Your money. We created Booty Mint because we believe there is no such thing as a pre-moistened flushable wipe. This is why we created Booty Mint. Booty Mint is hygiene spray designed to be applied directly to toilet paper creating a truly flushable wipe. Formulated with plant botanicals and recyclable materials, Booty Mint is not only a superior hygienic experience but the environmentally friendly way to wipe.