Your Work Toilet Paper Sucks


Your work toilet paper sucks. You know it. I know it. Your boss knows it. 

It is the hidden secret of every standard bureaucratic cubical filled workplace in America. Nobody likes to use the restroom at work. We hold it in, in the hopes to get home before we actually have to go, especially when we have to do the number 2. But sometimes, all that clinching and pacing does not work, and you actually have to use the bathroom. Taco Bell for dinner was NOT a great idea.

So anyways, you get to the bathroom, use it, and feel extra relieved. Life is good-right? Wrong. You're not done yet. You still have to wipe. You grab the thin, cheap, and hard toilet paper that your job provides you with. You spend a minute wondering "if they're not using the money they make to pay me a decent wage, and they're not using the money to buy me decent toilet paper, where is the money going?" But you have to wipe and get back to work, so you turn those thoughts off. So you wipe and wipe and wipe hoping to feel just as clean as your felt pre-bathroom break. You can't. It's hard. Now, thanks to your terrible work toilet paper you can look forward to your 1-hour staff meetings with people you don't like and an itchy butt. 

Do you want to know the worst part about all this? This happens in every public restroom you ever use. Schools, restaurants, malls, grocery stores, and even some hotels have terrible toilet paper. Think of the last time you went to a public restroom and the toilet paper was decent? I'll wait........

There is only one conclusion. Businesses, such as your workplace, simply don't care about one of the most sacred rituals known to mankind. They do not care about making sure your bathroom experience is a good one. Think about how great it is to use your toilet paper at home. It's probably Charmin, so it's soft, doesn't rip, comfortable to wipe and at the very least makes you feel somewhat clean. What if I told you that we have a solution that makes wiping at work even better than wiping at home??



Yes, it's true. We have the solution for all your work place bathroom problems. It's our signature product, Öspray Personal Cleanser! What is this Öspray you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's a water based solution that you spray on your average toilet paper turning it into an instant wet wipe. This undoubtedly will help you clean up a lot better at work and help you stay comfortable during those late afternoon staff meetings. With Öspray you will never fear using your restroom at work or in any public place for that matter. Every wipe will give you the sensation of what a clean bottom should feel like. Quite possibly, it could be one of the greatest products known to mankind. Think about it, no reasonable person would ever mind having a clean butt. Why would you pass up on the opportunity to have a cleaner butt every time? Best of all, it's risk-free to have one. We believe that you're going to love Öspray so much that we offer an old fashion 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


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