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Bidets are highly misunderstood devices especially here in America. As American's, we love good ole toilet paper because it is good enough. But the issue is that American's have never been satisfied with good enough. 

Are you satisfied with a butt hole that is cleaned just good enough? or are you looking to upgrade your hygiene routine because deep down you know good enough is not enough when it comes to hygiene?

If you are reading this article, I hope that the answer is the latter.


What is a bidet? 

A bidet is a device or structure used to clean your butt with water after you poop. Originating in France during the 1700s, the traditional bidet is a plumbing fixture separate from the toilet. These are typically, expensive and require a lot of fancy plumbing installation plus bathroom renovations. However, the modern bidet attachment can be attached to any toilet quickly. Bidet's are also great for cleaning the perineal area which is particularly useful for mothers during post-partum cleansing. 


How do modern bidets work?

Among the various butt cleansing options, toilet paper, flushable wipes, etc. bidets are by far the most effective method for a thorough cleaning every time. The reason why is because bidets use water pressure to clean the poo off your skin before you wipe rather than swearing away your poo with toilet paper. Think about how a car wash works. You use high-pressure water to wash away the majority of the dirt then you polish it off with a dry towel to remove any excess. What you don't do is wash your car with a dry towel and go pick your date with mud smeared all over it.

Makes perfect sense, right? 


Will the bidet get poop on it? 

Bidet's are ASStoundingly hygienic and sanitary. BOOTY MIST: bidet attachments feature a "poop guard" that protects the sprayer nozzles from getting hit with poop. BOOTY MIST sprayer nozzles are also self-cleaning. This means that each time you poop, the sprayers are cleaned before and after unleashing on your bumhole.


What are some other benefits of a bidet?

There is a variety of health, economic, and ecological benefits of using a bidet.

Let's start with health.

Washing your bottom with water is healthy. Not only is it healthy, but it also prevents some of the common issues people experience using just toilet paper. For example, according to Pacific Urology, UTI's can be caused by wiping back to front. Again, when you are dry wiping, you are swearing poop towards your gooch and/or vaginal area. With a bidet, you probably still need to wipe front to back, but you have cleared out a majority of the mess before proceeding to wipe. 

Speaking of wiping, some of us tend to over wipe as well, especially when it's a full-blown mudslide down there. When you wipe to aggressively this can cause anal fissures and irritate hemorrhoids. Take New York rectal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein word for it. He says that the most common butt related injuries are those associated with wiping are anal fissures or tears caused by improper wiping. 

Switching to a bidet can help avoid these common wiping issues as you will not need to wipe as much as you would using just dry toilet paper. 


Bidets also have an economic benefit.

As we discussed above using a bidet means that you have to wipe less to get the job done, which means that you will also use less toilet paper.  This can be very handy especially during a toilet paper apocalypse. According to Business Insider, Americans spend $40 to $70 a year on average for toilet paper and use approximately 34 million rolls of toilet paper a day. Investing in a bidet seat or bidet attachment can lower your spending on toilet paper by 75% or more. 


Bidets save water and trees. 

A quick easy way to reduce your ecological footprint is to invest in a bidet. Bidet's only use 1/8th a gallon of water, while it takes about 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper. Furthermore, National Geographic reports that toilet paper wipes out 27,000 trees a day. On a worldwide scale, 270,000 trees are either flushed or dumped into landfills every day, 10 percent of that being directly attributed to toilet paper. In a lifetime, a single person uses 384 trees for their toilet-paper supply. If you switch to a bidet, you could personally save some of those 384 trees. 


Is a bidet for me? 


Wouldn't my butt be soaking wet after using a bidet? 

Yes, when you use a bidet, your butt will be wet.

We have always thought it was weird when people say they no longer need toilet paper once they got a bidet. I'm sure most people don't walk around with a wet butt... (supposedly) Thankfully, you have a couple of options to tackle this issue. You could always just hang around and let your booty air dry out but who has that much time? Most likely you could just pat yourself dry with toilet paper or invest in a reusable towel. Some bidets have air dryers but those are super expensive and require an electrical outlet near your toilet. Personally, I wouldn't risk it. BOOTY MIST requires no electricity and can be fully equipped with just the water outlet near your toilet and 10 minutes of your time. 

What are all my bidet options available to me?

There are actually 4 different types of bidets.

The traditional bidet (discussed briefly at the beginning of this article.)

What is a Bidet? - Brondell


Bidet seats

These are the fancy ones that require electricity, so you need an electrical outlet near your toilet (or an extension cord) to make this work. If you are willing to shell out upwards of $500's for one of these bad boys, you can get all kinds of bells and whistles such as air drying, night lights, scents, etc. 

Bidet hoses

A bidet hose, aka a bidet shower, Muslim wash, etc. is a long metal hose and attaches to your existing water supply like bidet attachments. These long metal shower head like devices require you to manually hold the sprayer under your butt to clean. Be careful with when using one, you don't want your hand to accidentally touch a swamp log. You also need a little more DIY expertise to install. 


Bidet attachment

A bidet attachment is probably the most common form of the modern bidet. It clips onto your toilet by positioning it between the toilet body and the toilet seat. Our bidet attachment, BOOTY MIST, can be installed faster than responding to a few emails. BOOTY MIST has a minimalist modern design, that will fit seamlessly in any bathroom. 


Why don't you already have a bidet?

We American's aren't always on the bleeding edge of everything. The reason we have not adopted bidets is shrouded in folklore. It is said that during WWII, American's were introduced to the bidet when troops were stationed in Europe. Troops visiting bordellos would often see bidets in the bathrooms, so they began to associate these basins with sex work. This association didn't mix well with religious American culture, thus bidet's never took off.

Sometimes there are things you can learn from other cultures that can legitimately make your life better. I truly believe a bidet is one of the things. 

Our BOOTY MIST: Bidet attachment is an affordable way to turn your regular toilet into a BOOTY washing machine. 

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