Burning Poop? Are Spicy Foods Healthy If I Am Getting Burning Diarrhea?

Burning Poop and Spicy FoodsSpicy foods tend to come with a lot of fun. Whether it's the spicy wings at the Superbowl party, the sizzling cuisine at your local Mexican spot, or the extra spicy food your Indian friends love, sometimes to much fun can have you running to the bathroom. 

Because of this, spicy foods tend to get a bad rap. Some people go as far as labeling them dangerous for your digestive system. This misconception has lead to some confusion in regards to if spicy food is healthy to eat.

Before we can give a definitive answer, it is important to shed some light on why eating spicy foods leads to an upset stomach in the first place. 


It is completely normal to experience an upset stomach coming on after your favorite spicy dish. Foods prepared with hot spices such as cayenne or chili peppers contain a potent ingredient known as capsaicin, which is an irritant to our body. Capsaicin can even cause burning on the skin, which is commonly experienced when exposing skin to salsa or hot peppers.  With this information, it shouldn't be a surprise that spicy foods can irritate the lining of your stomach. 


Why Capsaicin Causes Burning Diarrhea

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Have you ever been halfway through a 20 piece order of spicy wings and even though you feel full, you still want to keep eating more? You are activating your VR1 receptors, which tell your brain you are burning on the inside. That slight euphoric feeling is your brain releasing endorphins as a pain blocker.

Thus the more capsaicin we eat the more we want to eat more. Capsaicin irritates the small intestine, causing to move more quickly than normal. This sped up process continues even as the food arrives at the colon. As a result, the colon doesn't absorb as much water as normal leading to the watery burning poop! The burning sensation on your anus is the same VR1 receptors that activate as we eat spicy foods. 


How can Capsaicin be healthy? 

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Capsaicin May Help You Live Longer

You are probably reading this and wondering how in the world can this be healthy for your body? According to research, eating spicy foods may actually help you live longer. "The habitual consumption of spicy foods was inversely associated with total and certain cause-specific mortality, independent of other risk factors of death."

Capsaicin May Help Ulcers

It is not uncommon for people to believe spicy foods cause stomach ulcers. However, there are studies that show that capsaicin inhibits acid production in the stomach. Furthermore, capsaicin has a medical purpose for preventing ulcer development. 

Capsaicin Can Help With Suppressing Appetite

Eating those spicy wings we talked about earlier in the article could help with weight management. According to a meta-analysis of capsaicin and weight management, spicy foods reduce appetite and increase energy expenditure. 


Quick Tip To Deal With Burning Poop/Diarrhea

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Case Closed

Spicy foods are healthy. Of course, you probably shouldn't go overboard on eating spicy foods as they do on Hot Ones. Spicy foods also don't cause ulcers, but you should be mindful of consumption when you have frequent stomach issues such as IBS. They also don't cause hemorrhoids but you can irritate anal fissures. 

Continue to enjoy your spicy wings, just don't go overboard. 



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