Toilet Paper Spray? The Newest Innovation In Personal Hygiene

What is toilet paper spray

The next revolutionary step in personal hygiene. What does that mean? We live in a world where millions of personal care products are advertised to help improve your personal hygienic practices. Over time, some of these innovations become outdated due to changing market demands, cultural practices, or new discoveries. For example, let's take a brief look at the history of cleaning your butt.

Brief History Of Butt Wiping

Unfortunately, we don't know the first human to slide a finger or foreign object between the butt after doing number two and we’ll never locate the first person who decided it was a good idea to wash up afterward. We can figure out roughly when evolution would have made it necessary for our ancestors to develop a species-appropriate method of anal cleansing. 

Reports of using paper for cleaning can be found in some accounts of visits to China in the 6th century AD. Most of the world at that time used either water, which we’ll get to in a minute, or some other material. Sometimes that was a natural material (leaves, stones, seashells) and sometimes it was manmade (bits of cloth, sometimes on a stick).

Fast forward to the 21st century and we have evolved from using fingers, leaves, and twigs to much more sophisticated cleaning methods such as wet wipes and bidets. This evolution obviously is driven by our desire for better hygiene practices. Our desire is propelled by our increased awareness of diseases that permeate our society. Practicing good hygiene is now an expected practice rather than a luxury for the rich. 

Read more about the history of wiping your butt. 

 21st Century Wiping

Adding moisture to your everyday wiping practices has been the latest trend. 

Not all innovations come with positive externalities. For example, flushable wipes are not actually flushable. They are notorious for clogging sewage systems and costing taxpayers millions of dollars to clear them out. 

More environmentally friendly solutions, such as bidets, aren't popular in the western world thus requiring you to purchase toilet add-ons which can get expensive quickly. Not to mention it's not portable. 

What about toilet paper? Well, there is nothing wrong with toilet paper, except that it doesn't get the job done as effectively as using moisture. Hence why bidets and wet wipes are so popular. Also, nobody is a fan of their work toilet paper. 

This why the next revolutionary step has to include moisture and it has to be portable.


The next revolutionary step is Toilet Paper Spray. 

Toilet Paper Spray is exactly what it sounds like. It is a spray designed to be sprayed on toilet paper, turning it into an instant flushable wipe. There are many variations of this product, from a simple spray to foam or an automatic dispenser. This is the general breakdown of how toilet paper spray works: 

  • Toilet Paper Spray is sprayed directly from a bottle onto toilet paper to moisten the toilet paper so that it functions like a wet wipe or baby wipe.
  • Toilet paper sprays provide the cleansing comforts of wet wipes or baby wipes while avoiding the tendency to cause plumbing issues at the home or city level.
  • Toilet paper spray can provide additional benefits over wet wipes and dry toilet paper. These include moisturizing properties, freedom from harsh chemicals, portability in pockets, purses, and diaper bags, and fun for the kids too!
  • Toilet paper spray provides the next step in the evolution of bathroom hygiene, for the consumer who desires a hygienic bathroom experience with a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Toilet Paper Spray is a portable solution that allows you to easily upgrade and take your hygiene on the go. 


How do I use toilet paper spray?

I have already incorporated this new product in my routine. So I have had the pleasure to develop a routine. I like to break it down to only four easy steps:

  1. Fold toilet paper. If you are using thin toilet paper, you might want to fold a few more times than usual to avoid it falling apart. This typically applies to your cheaper toilet papers, like the generic brands found in public restrooms and the workplace. Obviously, if you are using thicker toilet paper you can be more liberal with usage. Just in case you are wondering what specifics are the best, we ranked them here
  2. Hold toilet paper spray about 2 inches from toilet paper.
  3. Apply spray for desired wetness (3-5 times is usually enough).
  4. WIPE (Repeat as needed) 

Boom! DONE! You can flush guilt-free and be squeaky clean. 

Like any new product, there will be questions about usage. 

For example, does toilet paper spray cause the toilet paper to tear? Absolutely not. Now that doesn't mean go using one sheet of the thin toilet paper, but rather you shouldn't worry about tearing with a firm fold. 

Who would benefit the most from using toilet paper spray?

Anybody that wipes their butt can benefit from using toilet paper spray, but benefits of toilet paper spray go beyond just upgrading their wipe for many people.  In particular, the following groups can really benefit from the product:

  • New Parents: Baby wipes are arguably the biggest use of flushable wipes. Parents looking for a lightweight, long-lasting, economical, chemical-free, eco-friendly way to clean their children love toilet paper spray.  It is a great tool before, during, and after potty training to introduce your child to good hygiene and eco-friendly habits!
  • At Work or In The Office: Everyone knows that the toilet paper at work sucks. Single pack flushable wipes sound like a good idea in practice, but who remembers to take a single wipe every time you leave the house? BOOTY MINT TO-GO is currently the most portable version of toilet paper spray. 
  • Current Flushable Wipe Users: Yes, there are millions of us, even though we don’t talk about it. Toilet paper spray can be left guiltlessly on your toilet at home, and no one will know your secret.  You can also take it anywhere you go so that you don’t have to have wet pockets or an uncomfortable rear all day.
  • Frequent Travelers: Business and leisure travelers alike, we all know what it is like to have to use the restroom at an airport, and then to have a long day of travel with a less-than-clean rear.  That is a day ruiner if there ever was one.  Toilet paper spray can be carried easily on planes (see Öspray travel bottle) and can give you that sparkling feel when you need it the most.
  • Athletes and Outside Enthusiasts: Ever been in the woods or in the middle of a race when nature calls?  If you have regularly hiked, biked, camped, or run, this has certainly happened to you.  You can never predict when this will happen, so it is always best to be prepared.  Why be uncomfortable for the duration of your hike or race when you can carry a lightweight bottle of toilet paper spray?  It is sure to prevent a day’s worth of chafing and discomfort.


Take the next revolutionary step today!

As you have read, toilet paper spray combines the best of all worlds when it comes to butt wiping. It is eco-friendly, portable, and best of all, helps you stay squeaky clean and fresh throughout the day. If you are currently an environmentally conscious flushable wipe user, consider switching to toilet paper spray. Even if you don't use flushable wipes, it doesn't hurt to add a little moisture to your wiping routine. Dr. Oz spits on his toilet paper before he wipes. 

You can start your search by checking out our product Booty Mint.

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Informative article. In modern days, toilet paper should be use. because it has good properties and hygienic for everyone.
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