The Lota, The Secret To Islamic Hygiene

Lota is used for muslim hygiene washing


By Hamzah B: 

Like millions of other muslims, I throughly clean my backside after every visit to the bathroom. Anal cleanliness isn't about choice, it's about faith. 

The Islamic faith has particular rules regarding personal hygiene when going to the toilet. This code of Muslim hygienical jurisprudence is known as Qadaa' al-Haajah

Apart of Qadaa' al-Haajah is instructions on how The anus must be washed with water after defecating. Similarly, the penis and vulva must be washed with water after urinating. This washing is known as istinja.

Islam teaches that the condition of the body affects the condition of the spirit, therefore it is essential to be clean at all times especially before prayer. When you are using dry toilet paper to clean up after you go, you are bound to leave behind bits and pieces of feces. This is below the standard of hygiene Islam requires.


"If your dog took a sh*t on your hand, would you wash it off with just dry toilet paper?" 


No, you wouldn't. Quite simply, If your body isn't clean, you are not ready.


The secret to staying ready, can be found in many muslim households and it is called the Lota. The Iota is a small pot or cup of water that sits on the toilet or nearby fixture that is to be used after-you-go. There are multiple ways to use the Lota. You can pour it down your backside to get a stream of water in that area that you wipe off with dry toilet paper or you slightly wet a piece of toilet paper to create a moist wipe. 

Again, as muslims good hygiene practices are important and staying clean is even more important. However, at work and when I'm on the go, it is hard to maintain this practice. This is where using a traditional Lota falls short. 

The main problem with work-based defecation, is that it is just awkward. There is variety of thoughts that can occur in the mind of your boss/co-worker when you run into him/her  while carrying a couple of water into the bathroom You have a couple options for dealing with this awkwardness.

Option 1: is to stop for some stifled chit-chat and drink the water or fling the wet paper into the bin.

Option 2: is to flat out ignore your co-worker, finesse you way into the stall with your makeshift bidet, do your business, and then refrain from eye contact with anyone for the remainder of the day.

Option 3: is to carry your device defiantly into the toilet above your head with both arms, while staring every colleague you meet on the way right in the eye.

Option 4: Get Öspray.



After dealing with this inconvenience of trying to stay compliant with the rule of my religion, I knew there had to be another solution. That's when I discovered Öspray.


Öspray is a personal cleansing spray formulated with micellar water designed specifically for this problem. It is just a 4oz bottle of hygiene spray that I can apply directly to skin or spray on toilet paper after-you-go. Because it's made with micellar water, it can be used for my islamic cleansing purposes. Now with Öspray, I can just tuck it in my pocket discreetly as I go to the bathroom, or I can proudly sport around the bottle on the way to the restroom. No more awkward encouters with my boss who probably was thinking, I drink out of the same cup everyday while using the restroom. Over time Öspray replaced the lota in my home bathroom. Öspray is more than just water. It is a light hygienic cleansing solution that cleans more than regular water or dry toilet paper would. It is truly a superior hygienic experience. 


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