Still using a Lota? 4 Reasons Every American Muslim Should Get A Bidet Instead

How to use a Lota or Tabo to wash yourself - YouTube

Are you still using the good ole watering can after you go?

If so, what technique do you use with your Lota? 

Do you go with behind the back water flow? Or do you go with front above-the-hand water flow? You know how it goes. You either pour the water behind your butt or pour it from the front and clean. 

Regardless of which of these methods you subscribe to, one thing is for sure.

You need to get your BOOTY into the 21st century!

Regardless of which technique you use, we can all agree that using the Lota is outdated. Like c'mon, you are you still using your hand to clean sh*t in the 21 century? Now I get it, during the times of the great prophet, it was probably necessary as they lacked water and toilet paper back then. The great prophet (PBUH) used to say Bismillahi Allahumma Inni Audhubika Minal Khubsi Wal Khabais before going to the bathroom for a reason.

However, today we have so many tools to get the job done easier. One of these tools is the modern bidet attachment. 

You know, one of those toilet things your wealthy uncle has in his bathroom. I'm sure you have heard of a bidet, you secretly are waiting for one of your friends to get you one as a Ramadan present after poking fun of you for still using a watering can. Now, after the toilet paper crisis from Coronavirus, you are really on the lookout to upgrade your "Muslim shower". 

 Don't worry. We have heard your prayers. We have the perfect solution for you. 


Introducing BOOTY MIST!

BOOTY MIST is the revolutionary modern bidet attachment you need to upgrade your medieval hygiene routine. When you ditch the Lota for this bad boy, you will never look back.

Here are four reasons you need to upgrade your Lota to a BOOTY MIST:


1. It is hands-free! 

When you use a Lota, the aim is a big deal. You can pour the water down your back but you still have to come around and clean up a wet sh*tty mess. With BOOTY MIST, you have a knob that controls the aim. It has a front aim and a back aim if you know what I mean. You easily which back between the two for a thorough cleansing.

2. Water Pressure!

Again, when you use a watering can, it is like a light stream. Sometimes, you need some more pressure to really clean up down there. On your BOOTY MIST control knob, you not only can adjust the aim, but you can also adjust the water pressure. You can switch between a light stream to a water jet for those special occasions. Again, customization is key here.

3. No refills necessary!

Have you ever just finished a messy #2 and looked down just to find that your husband forgot to fill up the Lota? Now you have to get up and refill the lota with a messy butt. BOOTY MIST is connected directly to the same water source your toilet uses, which is the same water source as your sink. All you have to do is turn the knob and out comes the water. No refills are necessary. 


4. Save toilet paper and trees!

Did you know humans wipe out about 270,000 trees a day with toilet paper? Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, which is equal to about 15 MILLION TREES! This also involves 473,587,500,000 GALLONS of water to produce the paper and 253,000 tons of chlorine for bleaching. Let's not forget that manufacturing also requires about 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually. It's just a fact, that toilet paper isn't efficient for the environment and it's not efficient for cleaning properly down there.



In conclusion, if you are looking to upgrade your Wuḍūʾ you should definitely grab get a BOOTY MIST Bidet Attachment. It's as simple to install as a computer update and will make your cleansing routine a lot more efficient. You learn more about BOOTY MIST by clicking the link below:


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