Pristine Cleansing Sprays Appears On Shark Tank! But What Is Toilet Paper Spray?

Pristine Cleansing Spray on Shark Tank January 13th

Pristine Cleansing Sprays is just one of many upcoming many new companies marketing toilet paper spray. They are set to appear on Shark Tank, January 13th, 2019. 


Here at Öspray, we have developed what we believe to be the best toilet paper spray on the market. Using micellar technology, we have formulated a non-irritating personal cleansing spray designed to remove dirt and other impurities from the skin while leaving you feeling fresh and clean

Wait? What is toilet paper spray?  Hint: It's not just water in a bottle. 

Apply Öspray To Toilet Paper To Create A Flushable Wipe

Toilet Paper Spray or Toilet Tissue Moisturizer is fine mist liquid, usually scented with some soothing elements that is sprayed on a wad of toilet paper to use in the bathroom to get clean after a bowel movement. It is essentially an eco-friendly alternative to so called "flushable" wipes. More on that later.


How do I use toilet paper spray?

While this is a new concept and can be confusing, there are only three easy steps:

  1. Fold toilet paper.
  2. Hold toilet paper spray about 2 inches from toilet paper.
  3. Spray 3-5 times.

That's it!


    It’s Better Than Flushable Wet WipesToilet Paper Spray is an eco-friendly alternative to flushable wipes

    As mentioned before, toilet paper spray is an eco-friendly alternative to flushable wipes. Worldwide, governments and local municipalities are pushing back against companies claiming their wipes are flushable when they fail to pass septic breakdown tests. In 2018, Water UK announced that none of the "flushable" wet wipes currently being sold in the country passed water industry test. Other investigations have found that wipes labeled as flushable were making up 93% of the sewage blockages in the UK. Furthermore, the removal of these wipes costs tax payers millions of dollars of year. 


    Flushable Wipes Clog Drains. Fat Berg Clogging London Septic Systems

    Read more about the War On Flushable Wipes

    Here’s several reasons why Öspray toilet paper spray is a better option than wipes to get your butt clean:

    • It is completely 100% septic safe
    • Much better for municipal water treatment plants – their machines have handled toilet paper for years. ie. Save tax payer dollars
    • Just as effective as wet wipes
    • Formulated with essential oils and plant botanicals that will leave you feeling clean and fresh 
    • Versatility as a light deodorizing body spray 
    • Price is neutral and can be less expensive than wet wipes
    • Never dries out like wet wipes do over a period of time
    • Portable, depending on spray bottle size


    Over the last 500 years, we graduated from corn husks and communal sponge-sticks to two ply toilet paper as our preferred wiping method in the bathroom.  However, a recent trend toward improved hygiene has led people to seek other wiping methods to increase cleanliness and comfort.  Society has looked primarily to wet wipes to offer the improved cleansing experience after restroom use.  However, while wet wipes are a great resource for improved hygiene and comfort, they are currently wreaking havoc on plumbing, septic tanks, sewage systems, and water treatment facilities.

    We believe Öspray provides the next step in the evolution of bathroom hygiene, for the consumer who desires a hygienic bathroom experience with reduced impact on the environment.


     Is this product right for you?

    The benefits of toilet paper spray are useful for many types of people.  In particular, we have heard many praises from the following:

    • Parents! Parents looking for a lightweight, long-lasting, economical, chemical-free, eco-friendly way to clean their children love toilet paper spray.  It is a great tool before, during, and after potty training to introduce your child to good hygiene and eco-friendly habits!
    • Adult Wet Wipe Users: Yes, there are millions of us, even though we don’t talk about it. Toilet paper spray can be left guiltlessly on your toilet at home, and no one will know your secret.  You can also take it anywhere you go so that you don’t have to have wet pockets or an uncomfortable rear all day.
    • Travelers: Business and leisure travelers alike, we all know what it is like to have to use the restroom at an airport, and then to have a long day of travel with a less-than-clean rear.  That is a day ruiner if there ever was one.  Toilet paper spray can be carried easily on planes () and can give you that sparkling feel when you need it the most.
    • At the office: If you aren’t lucky enough to do your business before work, toilet paper spray can support your bathroom office visits.  We can commensurate with wet pockets and purses from hurriedly stuffed wet wipes prior to bathroom visits at work.  Toilet paper spray can discretely be slipped into your pocket or purse for use at the office bathroom.  The air freshening qualities leave your stall better than it was before you entered.
    • Hikers/Bikers/Campers/Runners: Ever been in the woods or in the middle of a race when nature calls?  If you have regularly hiked, biked, camped, or run, this has certainly happened to you.  You can never predict when this will happen, so it is always best to be prepared.  Why be uncomfortable for the duration of your hike or race when you can carry a lightweight bottle of toilet paper spray?  It is sure to prevent a day’s worth of chaffing and discomfort.
    • Religious practice: Some religions such as Islam require followers to throughly wash after using the bathroom. Öspray is a great option for freshening before prayer and other religious practices. 



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