Plumbing Horror Story: Flushable Wipes Cost Me $675

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It was my senior year in college and I was excited to almost officially become an adult. As you grow, you begin to evaluate some of your old habits and make some tweaks for the better. One of the habits I looked into was how I wipe my butt. Yes, that was and still is important to me. Being a college student meant using the bathroom on campus in ancient bathroom stalls. Everyone knows that public restrooms mean cheap scratchy toilet paper. You can never feel quite right using those, especially after a long day on campus. So I bought some flushable wipes and started using them every day on campus and at home. Everything was great and after a few months, I felt like these little butt napkins tremendously improved my quality of life.

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Until one day I stumbled across a nasty patch of black slush in my shower, it smelled terrible. I had no idea what it was until it started flowing into my sink as well. Then water started seeping out from under the toilet and onto the bathroom floor. At that point, I knew I had a serious problem. 

I quickly hopped on the phone and called up the local plumber to check out the sh*tuation. After about 5 hours, he came back and told me that flushable wipes were the culprit and that I should not be flushing them. 

I was so confused. The front of the package says "flushable" and "biodegradable". How could a company get away with blatant false labeling? 

My confusion turned into anger when the plumber handed me the invoice. $135 an hour for 5 hours of work. $675 literally down the drain all because of false labeling. I felt bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, run amok, etc. You name it!

So I started digging. I wanted to know how it was legal for these companies to falsely advertise and get away with it. I quickly discovered that this problem was bigger than just the home septic system. There are little to no regulations regarding the term "flushable" that is used on these wipes. In fact, the UK found that 0 flushable wipes brands passed flushability tests.

Not only do these wipes affect homes, but they are also a big problem for cities around the world. Flushable wipes cause massive city-wide sewage issues and blockages. Because they don't breakdown like toilet paper, they get bundled up into massive clumps called "Fatbergs". 


These fatbergs can cost cities $100,000's if not millions of taxpayer dollars per year. Read more about the War On Flushable Wipes. 

Essentially, if you are still using flushable wipes you are being an asshole for your asshole. 

Here is why: 

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Flushable wipes don't actually disintegrate when they come in contact with water. This shouldn't be a surprise as they sit in water for months at a time before being used. 

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While they might appear to be flushable, as they start to travel down your septic system, they don't break down like toilet paper. This leads to backed-up sewage that can overflow into your home. 

That was when I realized that this was a problem I should try to solve. I started brainstorming how I could maintain the wetness of a wipe while not risking damage to my septic system. By this time, I had stopped using wipes and was using plane dry toilet paper again. 

The difference was clear. Dry toilet paper made my butt feel scratchy and unclean compared to the wetness of a wipe. That's when I had a eureka moment. 

What if I wetted my toilet paper first before wiping? I could transform my toilet paper into a flushable wipe instead!

I spent the next 2 years developing this solution. This is how BOOTY MINT was born. 

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BOOTY MINT is a toilet paper spray designed to transform normal toilet paper into an instant flushable wipe. 

It is very simple to use. 

1. Fold your toilet paper into a solid square. 

2. Apply 3-5 sprays to your desired wetness. 

3. Wipe like normal

4. Flush guilt-free

That's it!

How To Use Booty Mint

BOOTY MINT is made with some similar ingredients to flushable wipes. Our flagship scent is mint. It is designed to not only mimic the experience of a wipe but to also leave you feeling minty fresh down low. Engineered with a combination of peppermint, aloe vera, witch hazel, and other plant botanicals, it literally feels like a breath of fresh air down there.  

BOOTY MINT Ingredients


BOTTOMLINE: Flushable wipes can seem like a cheap way to clean your butt, but you are risking damaging your septic system. In a nightmare scenario, you could be facing a flooded home and up to $10,000 in plumbing bills. 

You should protect your wallet and the environment by upgrading your routine with BOOTY MINT.

You can try it risk-free today using the checkout box below: 


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